North Flying joins AirPilotBase

We are pleased to announce North Flying A/S in Aalborg Airport Denmark has joined our Aviation Network – AirPilotBase.

North Flying deliver various services from charter flights to aircraft management. They have a mixed fleet of business jets, Cessna Citation 3, Fairchild Metroliners and Cessna Citation 7.

North Flying is now cooperating with AirPilotBase, and we currently support their operation in sourcing the qualified aircrew via our wide dynamic database system enabling direct Job posting and head hunting via our talent pool.

View available Jobs : Job postings

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Welcome aboard ! Fly safe

Welcome aboard to HTM Helicopter Travel Munich GmbH – joining AirPilotBase

We are pleased to announce that HTM Helicopter Travel Munich GmbH in Germany has joined our Aviation Network AirPilotBase.

Sourcing qualified pilots and employees via our wide aviation network to support the continuation of their services with a mixed fleet of 27 helicopters and 3 business jets in operation.

View available Jobs : Job postings

Read more : HTM Helicopter Travel Munich GmbH

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Available on App Store

We are pleased to announce that we are now available on App Store for free download, recommended for Iphone and Ipad.

Link for App Store

New Joiners can create accounts but if you already have an account – you can log in with email address and password as previously established. We will continuously run our web based version as well so you can log in using any computer and browser.

Jobs section

See our Jobs section in the app with available positions for fixed wing- and helicopter pilots, in order to apply you need to log in and fill in Licenses and Qualifications. Then select the Job in question and click Apply.

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We are here to assist you in finding your dream job, fly safe.

App based Aviation Network / Career Autopilot

We are pleased to announce our new Aviation Network and Career Autopilot now runs real time on devices; phones, pads, browsers.

Connecting the industry and helping pilot and companies find the correct fit based on qualifications and skills through a unique dynamic CV system.

Jobs are already available to view and apply for e.g Fixed Wing -, Helicopter Pilot Jobs and other aviation related positions.

Pilots can Join, create accounts and upload qualifications and Licenses. Easy Job application and more.

Follow the link:

Companies and Operators can brand their business, post Jobs and receive applications plus many other features. Initial free trial period is available for eligible Companies for a limited duration and number. Contact us via email and become a first mover and brand your aviation company. 


Aeropole joins AirPilotBase network

Flight Training and our network

We are pleased to announce the cooperation and joint venture with Aeropole Denmark ApS, enhancing the education of pilots and streamlining aviation careers towards the future.

Career Autopilot for young pilots

Stabilising aviation careers for their students and pilots via the Career Autopilot – a dynamic qualification connection between pilots and recruiters which significantly reduces the recruitment burden of airlines, helicopter companies and other commercial operators. Real time CVs online help pilots present their qualifications in our wide Aviation network. Jobs are available online for immediate view and application for.

Qualifications matter and the pilot will be contacted by APB when a job/recruiter matches their profile.

Young pilots with newly acquired licenses and ratings are assisted by us into the aviation industry with our wide fixed wing and helicopter network.

Welcome aboard ! Fly safe

Compliance Monitoring Manager

HeliService is hiring

We are looking for experienced candidates for our full time position as Compliance Monitoring Manager m/f/d in Emden, Germany.

The scope of activities being process planning and quality assurance.


  • Planning, development and maintenance of a quality assurance system taking into account the valid regulations (e.g. 965/2012)
  • Maintenance of a feedback system to the ACM in order to ensure the implementation of any necessary corrective measures
  • Ensuring that complaints from government or customer audits are resolved, tracked and reported back in an appropriate manner
  • Processing of reports on incidents from flight operations
  • Coordination of external quality controls and follow-up of the resulting findings and recommendations
  • Audits within the framework of the company’s audit plan, regulations and contractual provisions, including monitoring of corrective actions
  • Checking that all activities are carried out according to 965/2012 and in accordance with the approved manuals and procedures (OM A-D; SOPs).
  • Preparation of audit reports and documentation of detected deviations in Q-Pulse
  • Supporting the specialist departments in the creation/maintenance of manuals and procedures (e.g. OMM; QMH)
  • Communication with the relevant national and international authorities
  • Assistance in obtaining and renewing permits

Requirements and qualifications

  • Technical or commercial training or degree, preferably pilot qualification
  • Several years of professional experience in a comparable position as well as relevant operational experience with quality and management systems in aviation.
  • Good expertise in the areas of quality assurance in aviation companies and auditing
  • Knowledge of national, European and international laws and regulations relating to the functional area
  • Regulations (EC) No 216/2008, (EU) No 965/2012 and (EU) No 1321/2014) and related requirements and procedures
  • Knowledge of ISO 9001
  • Very good knowledge of English and German (written and spoken)
  • Proactive practices and trustworthiness

Deadline and start date

Please submit your application as soon as possible. Employment start date could be immediately depending on your qualifications.

About us and our offering

  • An independent work environment in a growing mid-sized company
  • Flat hierarchy
  • Capital-forming benefits, company pension schemes
  • Free lunch and drinks, fitness facilities, flexible working hours

Are you interested? We look forward to receiving your application

Contact details

Link for submitting application:

Phone / Katja Kopfer HR: + 49 4921 3680115

Visit us at:

Location: Gorch-Fock-Straße 105, 26721 Emden, Germany

Apply directly / upload your pilot CV to our database mentioning the specific job in the application, pdf’s can be sent to

AirPilotBase representative

APB representative

Airpilotbase is looking for representatives to promote our company in various countries and regions. The position is initially intended on freelance basis with a potential to become a part-time or full time position.

In the beginning the salary is based on specific goals and results ie. directly proportional to achievements, kickback of fees is a option to get started and moving towards monthly pay later on. Contact us for further.

Initial requirements are/not limited to:

  1. Current or previous ATPL with minimum 3 years of pilot experience, management experience preferred but not a requirement.
  2. Strong in local legislation, regulations and training requirements
  3. Good communication lines to the local Aviation Authority in your country or region, this is a must
  4. Excellent customer handling skills and knowledge of customer requirements
  5. Self motivating and persistence in work life and philosophy
  6. Independent personality is key

Apply and upload your pilot CV to our database mentioning the specific job in the application, pdf’s can be sent to