The Future of Aviation Recruiting

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Reduce Response Time when Hiring Pilots

Get access to an updated talent pool

Find relevant, updated skills 24/7/360°

Experience a stable influx of pilots and skills

Recruit pilots for specific contracts and tasks

Search for defined skills set and experience

⊕ Build a pipe line of potential hires

About Airpilotbase

Based on a new innovative technology airpilotbase is a modern go-to network within the aviation industry. 

Airpilotbase offers a proactive career plan for pilots and a recruiting tool for operators.

Our database was created as a timesaving tool for both pilots and recruiters.

The talent pool will maximise the reach of recruiters with increased certainty of finding the right candidates.



A Network of Pilots

We believe in proactive recruitment thus we are building a network of pilots and a database of their qualifications. 

Employer Branding

A company career page brings awareness about your company and needs, while branding your company - the first steps towards a proactive recruitment strategy.

Talent Pool

By becoming part of our pilot network you choose to be part of our talent pool searchable for operators. The real time qualifications database will expedite the process.

Talent Pool for proactive recruitment