Aviation Network

Welcome aboard ! The worlds widest aviation industry network. Founded and managed by former Naval officer, instructor pilot Lars Harpoth.

Our company focuses on the individual pilot who is building a career in aviation with our Career Autopilot. A talent pool and professional pilot database has been created to serve as a timesaving tool for both pilots and recruiters/operators.

The best suited, skilled and available pilot for the current job is imperative and will increase aviation safety across the board.


“This is the future of the aviation job market.” Viggo Storm/Helicopter pilot UNI-FLY

“Thank you once again for the helpful eLearning and informative conversation! I have submitted five jobs now. Thanks to your assistance, navigating and changing is very intuitive.” Marc Harry Nolte HR/WIKING Helikopter Service

“Thank you for creating an App as AirPilotBase. It is a great platform and I think it is going to be a great success. Especially for pilots like myself.” Anonymous Helicopter Pilot/UN Missions

“Finally Mr. Harpoth came out with an App that can gather both pilots and operators requirements, with the common objective to make interact the right persons in a complex and challenging enviroment called aviation. Good job and fair winds and following seas.” Daniel Avallone/Helicopter Pilot Babcock Italy

A very good tool for the aviation industry. Your new App will be of great benefit to the training sites and pilots seeking jobs.” Freddy Jul Pedersen/Managing Director Aeropole Denmark.

Who we work with:

Copenhagen AirTaxi

INEOS Oil & Gas Denmark