AirPilotBase representative

APB representative

Airpilotbase is looking for representatives to promote our company in various countries and regions. The position is initially intended on freelance basis with a potential to become a part-time or full time position.

In the beginning the salary is based on specific goals and results ie. directly proportional to achievements, kickback of fees is a option to get started and moving towards monthly pay later on. Contact us for further.

Initial requirements are/not limited to:

  1. Current or previous ATPL with minimum 3 years of pilot experience, management experience preferred but not a requirement.
  2. Strong in local legislation, regulations and training requirements
  3. Good communication lines to the local Aviation Authority in your country or region, this is a must
  4. Excellent customer handling skills and knowledge of customer requirements
  5. Self motivating and persistence in work life and philosophy
  6. Independent personality is key

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