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Any shift in the job market creates a need for career stability

Shorter employment periods and ad hoc planning demands more stability in a pilot’s career. Specific skills and experience are often required at short notice. In my career the main driver has always been qualifications.

Pilots and recruiters having combined access will enhance the possibility of meeting in a dynamic environment. Facilitating sourcing of the best suited, skilled and available pilot for the current job will increase aviation safety in general.

This Career Autopilot will couple you to the Professional Pilots Worldwide Database.

A career network for pilots

Stability is created via the aviation career network and talent pool. Licenses, ratings and skills are now fully searchable. Our worldwide CV database and professional pilot talent pool will increase job stability and reduce the workload of the recruiter.

Our data driven approach fosters and protects the individual pilot who wants to share. Full data ownership belongs to the individual pilot in our CV database. All personal information is controlled by the pilots.

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Create a profile here and you will be presented to every recruiter worldwide for maximum exposure. Keep in mind many jobs are currently filled without any job postings due to short term requirements by the use of personal networks, this is where we can assist.

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