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Real time pilot CV and skills database

The first aviation network with a worldwide continuously updated database. The best suited, skilled and available pilot for the job is important and will increase aviation safety.

As a former experienced manager and recruiter of pilots the vision for a continuously updated database emerged in order to meet short notice demands for agile operators. The experienced pilot nescessary for the vacant position can be difficult to source and a talent pool will expedite the finding of potential candidates. We are the link between pilots and recruiters in an aviation network making a pro-active recruitment strategy possible.

Talent pool to maximise the reach

The professional pilot database was envisioned to serve as a timesaving tool for both pilots and recruiters/operators in a ever changing world where contracts for AOC holders tends to shorten. Flexibility for the Duty Holder will hereby increase dramatically.

A talent pool will maximise the reach of recruiters with increased certainty of finding the right candidates. The company focuses on the 360 degree and real time visibility of potential candidates to fit any specific employer’s requirements. Many vacant jobs are never posted but filled urgently with the use of personal networks. Conventional recruiting is based on the listing of vacancies and awaiting responses, this creates an unnescessary delay.

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