Offshore training

AirPilotBase Offshore training concept

APB provides customers with the possibility to prepare their crews for operations in the Offshore hostile environment and is compliant with EASA Air OPS, including Specific Approval (SPA) HOFO.



Training will cover at least the requirements as set out by EASA and Offshore Oil and gas producers as per IOGP/NOG-066.


Proficiency checks

APB can provide License Proficiency Checks, also combined with Operator Proficiency Checks for Offshore operators and will include all recency requirements.


Offshore theory and Full Flight Simulators (level-D) training areas

  • Airborne Radar Approach (ARA)
  • Optimum use of Automation / Automation “Friend or Foe?”
  • CRM in the multi Crew operational environment
  • Stabilized approaches on and offshore / Visual illusions
  • Day and Night offshore helideck operation
  • Moving deck operation
  • Standard operating procedures (SOP)
  • Emergency/abnormal situation training
  • Development training
  • VMC/IMC operations
  • Line Oriented Flight Training (LOFT) scenarios
  • Performance based Navigation (PBN)